Einhell Jump Start Power Bank "CEJS 8"

The Einhell CE-JS 8 jump start power bank is a compact, handy jump start and power station is must-have in the car to jump start your car when you find yourself with a dead battery or charge essential electronic devices in a pinch.

You can jump-start the car when the battery is dead with a single unit, quickly and easily charge cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc. The high capacity 3 x 2500 mAh (computationally) lithium-polymer battery delivers all the power you need. The charge status is indicated on the LED display. The small power station is equipped with an LED working light with steady on, strobe light and SOS signal for various emergency situations. The portable Power Bank has 5 V/2 A USB output to provide a portable source of power for quick charging and powering a wide variety of devices.

Jumper cables with fully insulated terminal clamps and overload protection for connection to the Power Bank, a USB adapter cable, a USB charging cable are included, along with a practical protective case for storing the Power Bank and accessories.

  • Colour: Red and black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Protection class: III
  • Charger input: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Charger output: 15 V, 1000 mA
  • Starting voltage: 12 V
  • Peak current: 400 A
  • Starting current: 200 A - 5 seconds
  • USB Outlet 1: 5 V, 3 A
  • USB Outlet 2: 5 V, 2 A
  • LiPo-battery (Wh): 27,75
  • High capacity 3 x 2500 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • LED charge status indicator
  • LED work light (steady on, strobe light & SOS emergency signal)
  • 12 V/200 A jump start function
  • Occasional jump starting for petrol engines up to 3,000 ccm
  • Jump start cable with insulated clamps and overload protection
  • Suitable for charging cell phones, laptops, cameras
  • Delivery contains:
  • 1 x USB adapter cable (Micro/Mini USB)
  • 1 xspeed charging cable (USB charging cable)
  • 1 x protective storage case


Minimum quantity: 1